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For Spreedruck it is important to print in a way that conserves resources. With technical innovations, we have been able to drastically reduce energy consumption and the use of chemicals in recent years. Our printing inks are all made from renewable raw materials.

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We recommend recycled papers

The decisive factor for resource-saving print production is and remains paper.

To ensure an exemplary eco-balance for your printed product, we can offer you a good selection of recycled papers — including relatively bright white and matt or glossy coated types.

FSC® certified printed products

You can commission Spreedruck to produce your printed product in an FSC® certified manner. This shows you responsibility for the origin of your printed product from sustainable forestry. All major environmental and nature conservation organizations preferably or exclusively recommend this seal when it comes to the topic of wood origin.

We keep the certification completely free of charge for you. Only the condition that certified paper must be selected and procured for the order can, in rare cases, cause moderate additional costs. Of course, you can and should prove the certification by displaying the FSC® symbol in the printed product. Please see our print data notes for details.

Print climate-neutrally

We offer you the opportunity to offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of your printed product with an offset certificate. In doing so, you are supporting a specific climate protection project that would not exist without this mechanism. In this sense, it is an effective, actual neutralization of the emissions caused by your printed product. Emissions compensation usually accounts for less than 1% of the printing price.

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