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Our standards are quality, speed and reliability.

QUALITY as standard
It is a matter of honour for all our printers and bookbinders that you hold a high-quality and clean product in your hands at the end. However, we are convinced that quality is also a question of professional preparation. That’s why we take enough time to coordinate all the important details with you or your agency in advance.

Quality assurance does not take the form of spot checks every now and then, but is a continuously anchored function in all areas of production. One example of this is the process standard for offset printing: in addition to the prescribed annual certification, we also have all the necessary means of measurement, analysis and control technology at our disposal and thus regularly check our own conformity with the standard.
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SPEED with calm

We always reckon with real life — which is full of surprises. That’s why we remain calm, even if you have to postpone deadlines or make changes shortly before printing begins.

You can count on Spree Druck´s high degree of flexibility, especially when it comes to short-notice and fixed event and distribution dates. If necessary, we can completely adjust our production capacity to your needs for a few hours or organise an extra shift. This means that practically any task can be solved.

RELIABILITY guaranteed

We ensure that your publications are delivered on time. To ensure this, our vertical range of manufacture is around 95%. The remainder, i.e. the share of external services, only concerns some print finishing and bookbinding techniques that we cannot realise economically ourselves. For many standard products we have paper in stock in large quantities or procure it systematically with sufficient certainty before the printing deadline.

This means that the entire production process remains largely in our hands. In the event of bottlenecks, we are able to reschedule flexibly and, if necessary, respond with extra work. All our staff are prepared for this. Many customers who have entrusted us with their periodicals for years particularly appreciate our adherence to deadlines.

Every printed product must meet the quality requirements of our customers. We meet this demand with the best technology and first-class craftsmanship.

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Spreedruck social

Spreedrucker enjoy working together responsibly and attentively. To ensure that this remains the case in the long term, fairness towards all employees is one of our most important corporate principles.

For example, we only conclude permanent employment contracts without exception, especially to give young employees the social security they need to plan their lives. In the same spirit, we train at least one person at any time to become a skilled worker with the explicit goal of subsequent permanent employment. Another example is the minimum wage. It is more than a third higher than the legal requirement, although the average wage level is of course much higher.

Of course, we have enforced full and verifiable equality between women and men.

Such rules do not affect our competitiveness, on the contrary. After all, one professionally excellent and highly motivated employee replaces two less suitable ones, and that too in better quality.

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