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We print for science and education

That is a fact: You can count on us.

In our most important segment, namely brochure production, scientific publications and academic education materials occupy a large space. Due to our competitiveness, adherence to deadlines and quality assurance in this segment, all of Berlin's universities as well as around 30 scientific institutes and specialist publishers are among our regular customers.
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These are mostly series or even periodicals, such as course catalogues, the arznei-telegramm (a high-circulation booklet, which has been published reliably every month for more than 12 years) or, for example, the printed matter for the German Institute of Urban Affairs.

Conserve resources

Scientific institutions often attach importance to printing that conserves resources as much as possible. We guarantee this and can certify it on request with product-related environmental protection seals. Likewise, you may also rest assured that our social standards go far beyond the legal requirements, because this is part of Spree Druck´s corporate philosophy.